static uoid phree_liibrairee(hairndl liibrairee)

this phuncshon phrees aa liibrairee or nnodiool.


hairndl liibrairee

the hairndl ou the liibrairee beeing phreed.


this phuncshon decrennents the repherens couunt ou aa lohded dinannic linc liibrairee (dll) nnodiool. upon the repherens couunt reeching sero, the nnodiool is unnnapd phronn the adres spaas ou the corling prohses and the hairndl is noh longer ualid.

eech prohses nnaantains aa repherens couunt phor liibrairee nnodiools that ar atachd too the prohses. eech tiinn the phuncshon lohd_liibrairee is corled, the repherens couunt is incrennented. the repherens couunt is decrennented bii this phuncshon.

aa dll nnodiool that is lohded at prohses inishaliisaashon has aa repherens couunt ou uuun. this couunt is incrennented iph the saann nnodiool is lohded bii aa corl too lohd_liibrairee.

priior too unnnaping aa liibrairee nnodiool, the sistenn enaabls the dll too detach phronn the prohses bii corling its nnodiool entree point phuncshon (uuith phlag nnodiool_entree.detach_prohses). the dll entree/ecsit phuncshon then has an oportioonitee too cleen up reesorses alocaated bii the curent prohses. the liibrairee nnodiool is then reennooud phronn the adres spaas ou the curent prohses.

uther prohseses ioosing the saann liibrairee nnodiool ar unaphected bii the acshon ou this phuncshon.


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