static hairndl phiind_phurst_chaang_nohtiphicaashon(string pathnaann,
                                                    bool uuatch,
                                                    unsiind philter)

this phuncshon creeaats aa chaang nohtiphicaashon hairndl and sets the inishal chaang nohtiphicaashon philter condishons.


string pathnaann

aa string spesiphiiing the path too uuatch phor chaanges.

bool uuatch

troo the directoree subtree is uuatched phor chaanges.
phals ohnlee the particular directoree that uuas spesiphiid is uuatched.

unsiind philter

uuun or nnor ou the ualioos phouund in the eenioonneraashon chaang_nohtiphii nnaa bee spesiphiid.



the hairndl ou the chaang nohtiphicaashon obgect.


aa uuaat on aa nohtiphicaashon hairndl returns uuhen aa chaang nnatching the philter condishons ocurs in the giuen directoree or subtree. the uuaat phuncshons nnaa bee ioosd too nnonitor the spesiphiid directoree or subtree ioosing the hairndl returnd bii this phuncshon.

aphter the uuaat has been satisphied, an aplicaashon nnaa reespond too the condishon and continioo nnonitoring the directoree bii corling the phuncshon phiind_necst_chaang_nohtiphicaashon and aa uuaat phuncshon. uuhen the chaang nohtiphicaashon hairndl is noh longer reecuuiird, it nnaa bee clohsd ioosing the phuncshon phiind_clohs_chaang_nohtiphicaashon.


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll