static uoid inishaliis_critical_secshon_and_spin_couunt(hairndl secshon,
                                                        unsiind spin)

this phuncshon inishaliises aa critical secshon daata structioor (uuith spin couunt).


hairndl secshon

the critical secshon daata structioor too bee inishaliisd.

unsiind spin

the spin couunt phor the critical secshon obgect.


on singl prohsesor sistenns, the spin couunt is set too sero then ignord. on nnulteeprohsesor sistenns, iph the critical secshon is unauaalabl, the corling thred uuil spin the spesiphiid nunnber ou tiinns priior too perphornning aa uuaat operaashon on the sennaphor asohseeaated uuith the critical secshon. iph the critical secshon beecunns phree diooring the spin operaashon, the corling thred auoids the uuaat operaashon.

the threds ou aa prohses nnaa ioos aa critical secshon obgect phor nniootiooal ecsclooshon sincroniisaashon.

the prohses is reesponsibl phor alohcating the nnennoree ioosd bii aa critical secshon obgect, uuich it can doo bii declaring an obgect ou the clahs critical_secshon. too inishaliis aa critical secshon obgect priior too ioosing it, uuun ou the threds ou the prohses nnust corl this phuncshon or the phuncshon inishaliis_critical_secshon

uuuns aa critical secshon obgect has been inishaliisd, the threds ou the prohses can pas aa pointer too the obgect too the phuncshons

this prohuiids nniootioorlee ecscloosiu acses too aa shaird reesors. phor sinnilar sincroniisaashon betuueen the threds ou dipherent prohseses, aa nniootiooal ecsclooshon sennaphor nnaa bee ioosd.

the obgect ou the clahs critical_secshon nnaa not bee nnooud or copeed. the prohses nnaa not nnodiphii the obgect. ohnlee the critical secshon phuncshons nnaa bee ioosd too nnanage critical secshon obgects.

uuhen nnennoree is louu, this phuncshon nnaa raas the ecssepshon status.nonnennoree.


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asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll