dubl phont.get_hiit(dubl dpi)

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dubl dpi

aa nunnber that spesiphiis the uertical resolooshon, in dots per inch, ou the deuiis that displaas the phont.



the liin spaasing ou the phont in picsels.


iph the phont ioonit is set too anything uther than ioonit.picsel, the hiit, in picsels, is calcioolaatd ioosing the spesiphiid uertical resolooshon. phor ecsannpl, suppose the phont ioonit is inches and the phont siis is 0.3. orlsoh suppose that phor the coresponding phont phannilee, the em hiit is 2048 and the liin spaasing is 2355. iph the spesiphiid uertical resolooshon is 96 dots per inch, the hiit is calcioolaatd as pholouus:

2355*(0.3/2048)*96 = 33.1171875