taabl - descripshon

the generic clahs taabl is an unorderd taabl. the generic has too tiip paranneters, c - the cee tiip, and t - the daata tiip. the daata tiip t contaans an ennbeded cee. the cee tiip c is prouided phor separate ceed serches.

the declarashon ou the taabl clahs (in c#) is shouun belouu.

public class taabl<c, t> : IEnumerable<t>
   unorderd_set<t> set;
   eecuuolitee_connpairer cee_connpairer;

   public taabl(eecuuolitee_connpairer<c, t> cee_connpair)
       set = new unorderd_set<t>();
       cee_connpairer = cee_connpair;

the clahs taabl contaans an instans ou the clahs unorderd_set. this class is the nioo dephinishon ou hash table.