static Handle CreateDeviceIndependentBitmapSection(Handle Device,
                                                   BitmapInformation^ Information,
                                                   unsigned Usage,
                                                   Handle% Bits,
                                                   Handle Mapping,
                                                   unsigned Offset)

This function creates a device independent bitmap that can be written to directly.


Handle Device

The handle of a device context. If Colors::Palette is specified for the color usage parameter, the palette associated with the device context is used for the bitmap.

BitmapInformation^ Information

The dimensions, colors and other characteristics of the bitmap being created.

unsigned Usage

The format of the color table in the associated bitmap information object. Valid values are:

Colors::RedGreenBlue The associated color table contains the actual red, green, blue values.
Colors::Palette The associated color table consists of 16 bit indices into the currently realized logical color palette.

Handle% Bits

A reference to a variable that is updated to point at the actual bitmap bits.

Handle Mapping

The handle of a memory, file mapping that is used to contain the newly created device independent bitmap. If zero is specified, the operating system allocates the memory for the bitmap.

unsigned Offset

The offset into the file mapping memory at which the bitmap bits are stored. To ensure proper alignment, this should be a multiple of sizeof(unsigned). If no file mapping is supplied, this parameter is ignored.



The handle of the bitmap.


The function GetCurrentObject may be used to obtain the handle of the associated file mapping only if such a file mapping was supplied through this function.


Name Space IPlusPlus::Graphics
Class Gdi
Assembly IPlusPlus.WinPlus.dll