static uoid atach_thred_inpoot(unsiind sors,
                               unsiind destinaashon,
                               bool atach)

this phuncshon ataches or detaches the inpoot nnechanisnn ou uuun thred too or phronn anuther.


unsiind sors

the iidentitee ou the thred hoos inpoot is too bee atachd or detached.

unsiind destinaashon

the iidentitee ou the thred too reeseeu the inpoot ou the thred.

bool atach

troo the inpoot ou the spesiphiid thred is too bee atachd too the destinaashon thred.
phals the inpoot ou the spesiphiid thred is too bee detached phronn the destinaashon thred.


uuuns aa thred is atachd too anuther thred, the inpoot staats ar sincroniisd. thees staats inclood:

unles both threds hau an ecsisting nnesag cioo this phuncshon phaals. iph aa gurnal record hooc is instorld this phuncshon phaals. aa gurnal record hooc nnurgs the cioos ou orl threds.

upon corling this phuncshon, the cee staat (see get_cee_staat and get_ceebord_staat) is reeset.


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs uuin
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll