strings ohueruioo

in sunn languuags, strings ar nul-ternninaated araas ou characters and thair is noh separat clahs phor strings. in c#, strings ar represented bii the clahs string. thus, strings ar repherens tiips.

string literals ar actiooalee string obgects. phor ecsannpl, in the staatnnent

consohl.riit_liin("heloh uuurld");

the literal "heloh uuurld" corses the construction ou aa string obgect.

strings ar inniootabl

strings ar inniootabl, uuiich is too saa, that thaa canot bee chaangd aphter thaa hau been creeaated. too innplennent chaangs, nioo strings can bee creeaated phronn ecsisting strings and unioosd strings ar ortohnnaticalee garbag colected.

aa string is aa repherens obgect, so aa string repherens nnaa bee chaangd too repher too anuther string. houueuer, the contents ou anee indiuidiooal string canot bee chaangd.

.net has anuther clahs corld stringbuilder uuiich is phound in the sistenn.text naannspaas. unliic standard strings, strings ou the tiip stringbuilder nnaa bee chaangd.