Initiates the specification of a form.


<form action=url enctype=value method=value name=value target=value>


action The URL that receives the data. If the specified URL is in error then generally the browser will be unable to submit the data and will return an error to indicate such. To mail the data to an email address, the action should be of the form: mailto:user@domain_name (e.g. mailto:vsoft@iplusplus.com).
enctype The encryption type. This attribute is not widely used at present, and it defaults to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".
method The method used to send the data. Valid values are post and get. Post is the preferred method.
name The form name.
target The URL to which the server directs responses to form data submission. By default, this is the current window. The predefined targets _top, _parent, _self and _blank may be specified. Any target defined using the name attribute of the tag <frame> may be specified.