HTML Samples

The HTML Samples are just the beginning. Once having completed these, you will probably have many more ideas that you wish to implement. The samples panel of exercise 6 that you have been updating whilst progressing through the HTML Guide is quite basic. Of necessity, it was designed to be simple, for at that stage, tables and other features of HTML were yet to be presented. By now, you have acquired the knowledge to do a better job of organising the samples. Additionally, you may wish to design a mechanism by which to organise further samples that you may write. As a project, you should create a central panel from which you can access your past, present and future works. The table below lists all the samples of the HTML Guide. Such a table may be an appropriate starting point for the project.

# File Name Description Topic
1 first.htm A Sample HTML Document Creating a Document
2 para.htm Paragraphs Paragraphs & Attributes
3 fontsize.htm Font sizes 1 to 7 Font Sizes, Colors & Families
4 fontclrA.htm Font Colors Font Sizes, Colors & Families
5 fontclrB.htm Font Colors Font Sizes, Colors & Families
6 samples.htm HTML Samples Relative Links
7 home.htm Home Pages Full URL Links
8 anchors.htm Anchors Linking to Anchors
9 anchorI.htm External Anchors Linking to External Anchors
10 sounds.htm Sounds Hypersound
11 book.htm Book in a Document Images
12 imageA.htm Using Images Image Attributes
13 imageB.htm Using Images Image Attributes
14 tableA.htm A Table with Borders Introduction to Tables
15 soundTab.htm Hypersound Introduction to Tables
16 tableB.htm Tables - Binary & Hexadecimal Table Data Attributes
17 frmTst.htm Frame Example Introduction to Frames
18 frmBook.htm A Book with Frames Frames and Links
19 listStyA.htm Using Styles Introduction to Style Sheets
20 listStyC.htm Lists with Styles Selectors
21 headSty.htm Contextual Selectors Inheritance, Contextual Selectors
22 listStyD.htm Lists with Styles CSS Classes
23 bookTst.htm Testing Imported Style Sheets Linking to Style Sheets
24 forTst.htm Form with Name and Address Mailing Form Data
25 forCtl.htm Form Controls Form Controls