Links to Anchor Points Residing in Another Document


The syntax required to link to an anchor in another document is as follows.

<a href=document_name#anchor_name>

When the above link is taken,

Note that some browsers may not force the anchored text to be the first line if the entire content of the document is visible on a single screen.

Exercise 9

Write two HTML documents that satisfy the following criteria.

Note that the 36 break tags are placed between the first and second, and the second and third items of the lists to space the items out. This is so that the anchored tag will appear as the first line in the browser when linked to from the other document. Take this link to see the solution of the exercise. Note: you may need to press the back button a few times, but eventually you will return to this discussion. You should view the source of the solution and compare it to that which you provided. You should add the solution of this exercise to the samples panel that you created in exercise 6.

The next section next.gif discusses how the tag <a> may be used to obtain sound in documents.