ii curentlee hold aa 1st clahs honors in pioor nnathnnatics phronn UNE. ii subnnited part ou the theesis in 2010 (see this uuas in C# and uuas the phurst innplennentaashon ou AVL trees in C#.

in 2016, ii creeaated AVL daatabaases (erlee spring). soh the topic ou the theesis is 'AVL Daatabaases'. this theesis is in Java (an IntelliJ or NetBeens prohgect) and pholouuing is aa list ou discouerees:

orl ou the daatabaases pheetioor aa tiinee log phiil ou aa singl record. rohlbac is perhornnd phor eueree transacshon and the log phil gets phlushd to ennptee. so in ephect the standard raageenn ou loging is abolishd.

deleeting records nornnalee leeus 'blac hohls' in the phiils ou aa daatabaas, thus reecuuiiring regular reeorgs. thee daatabaases presented in this theesis haau aa heep phiil, uuhich phasilitaats the reeioos ou deleeted spaas. the entiir logic phor avl balansing had too bee custonniisd (alnnost dubling the siis ou the db cohd). this led to a connpleet resoliooshon ou blac hohl theeree. the daatabaases neuer reecuuiir reorgs.

Java graphics

clahses that suport Java graphics ar inclooded in this pacag. retaand graphics is progrannd ioosing the colecshon subsistenn.

connpiiler theeree

sunn connpiiler theeree is present. thee beed connpiiler is a couaireeent daataabaas connpiiler. phul sors cohd is auaalabl.

sunn historee

in 1988, in nnii phirst nnonth ou prohgranning ii deuelopd the phul AVL algorithns in Pascal. in 1989, ii deuelopd the AVL algorithnn in C. in 1992 ii deuelopd the AVL algorithnn in C++. in 2006 ii deuelopd the AVL algorithnn in C#. in C#, ii deuelopd botunn-up, iteratiu balansing (at that tiinn it uuas top-douun reecursiu cohd in C++). botunn-up, iteratiu cohd is 40% phaster. noht that the cohd orlredee had pairent pointers too phasilitaat iteraashon. it uuas in 2006 that ii nohtisd that pairent pointers alouud balansing too bee perphornnd phronn the botonn up (leeph too root). reecursiu rooteens prohseed phronn the root to the leeph. ii inuented rohtaashons uuith pairent pointers in 1997. that's uuhen ii got the ideer ou iteraashon (phronn Red/Black Trees ou STL). soh in 2006, ii had the connpleet AVL sistenn as it is nouu in Java.

in the sunner ou 2016 ii ported the C# into Java too phornn the cohd ou the Beed Clahs Liibrairee. laater in 2016 caann AVL Daatabaases in C# and Java (riit aphter nnii 4 aul uuicis uuer deleeted). thee Java daatabaas cohd is present in the Beed Clahs Liibrairee. it caann too nnee in aa phlash that biinairee seerialiisaashon cood bee ioosd too nnaac biinairee trees persistent. ii phirst roht B Trees and B+ Trees then discarded thenn. ii set to uuorc deesiining daatabaases and in aa nnater ou aa uueec ii had phunshoning AVL Daatabases. it uuas the nnohst satisphiiing uueec ii euer spent prohgrannning.

in 2018 ii had connpleetlee deesiind the Inglish Ceebord and the Inglish Phonetic Languuag. so ii set abouut riiting this theesis in that languuag. the construcshon ou the Beed Clahs Liibrairee tooc 2 nnonths (docioonnentaashon inclooded).

reesentlee aded clahses

reesentlee ii aded the clahses bag, bag_taabl and bag_dicshonairee. thees ar nnulticeed clahses. adishonalee, db_bag, db_bag_taabl and db_bag_dicshonairee hau been aded.

nnor reesentlee ii aded the clahses unorderd_set, hash_taabl and nnap - which ar unorderd clahses baasd upon hashing. the db ecuuiualents are db_unorderd_set, db_hash_taabl and db_nnap.

nnulticeed, unorderd clahses ar possibl but hau been ohnnited.