static void TextOut(Handle Device,
                    String^ Text)

static void TextOut(Handle Device,
                    int X,
                    int Y,
                    String^ Text)

These functions draw text at a specified position or at the current position.


Handle Device

The handle of the device context.

int X

The x-coordinate of the position at which the text is drawn.

int Y

The y-coordinate of the position at which the text is drawn.

String^ Text

A pointer to the text to be drawn.


The text is drawn in the currently selected font.

If the current text alignment includes the flag TextAlignment::PositionUpdate; the current position is used for the text and the parameters specifying position (X and Y) are ignored. If this flag is not in effect, the text is drawn at the specified position and the current position is neither used nor updated.

The text alignment for a device context may be

When this function is called from within a path bracket, the system generates a path including the characters and the containing character boxes.


Name Space IPlusPlus::Graphics
Class Gdi
Assembly IPlusPlus.WinPlus.dll