Metafile Data Structures

Following are the record types for enhanced metafiles.

Meta Basic metafile record.
MetaBeginPath Begins a path.
MetaBitBlockTransfer Performs a bit block transfer operation.
MetaBitmapBitsToDevice Copies bitmap bits to a device context.
MetaCancelPath Cancels the generation of a path.
MetaCreateBrushIndirect Creates a brush from a logical brush structure.
MetaCreateFontIndirect Creates a font indirectly.
MetaCreateMonoBrush Used when create monochromatic brushes.
MetaCreatePalette Creates a palette.
MetaCreatePen Creates a pen.
MetaCreatePenExtended Extended creation of a pen.
MetaCloseFigure Closes the generation of a figure.
MetaComment Places a Comment in a metafile
MetaDrawArc Draws a line and a portion of an ellipse.
MetaDrawArcTo Draws a line and a portion of an ellipse (current position updated).
MetaDrawAngleArc Draws a radius joined to a portion of a circular arc.
MetaDrawChord Draws a fill section of an ellipse.
MetaDrawEllipse Draws an ellipse.
MetaDrawLine Draws a line.
MetaDrawLines Draws a connected sequence of lines.
MetaDrawPolylines Draws a series of polylines.
MetaDrawRectangle Draws a rectangle.
MetaDrawRoundedRectangle Draws an elliptically rounded rectangle.
MetaDrawSector Fills a sector of an ellipse.
MetaDrawSplines Draws a connected sequence of lines.
MetaDrawSplinesTo Draws a connected sequence of lines.
MetaEndOfFile A metafile record indicating the end of the metafile.
MetaEndPath Ends the specification of a path.
MetaExcludeClippingRectangle Excludes a rectangle from the clipping rectangle.
MetaFillPath Fills a path subject to a clipping rectangle.
MetaFillRegion Fills a region using a given brush.
MetaFlattenPath Flattens the currently defined path.
MetaFloodFill Fills an area bounded by a specified color.
MetaFrameRegion Frames a region.
MetaGradientFill Performs a gradient Fill.
MetaHeader Metafile header record.
MetaInvertRegion Inverts the colors of a region.
MetaMaskBitBlockTransfer Performs a masked bit block transfer.
MetaMode Sets the background mode.
MetaModifyWorldTransform Changes the world transformation and mode.
MetaOffsetClippingRegion Offsets the clipping region.
MetaParallelogramBitBlockTransfer Performs a parallelogram bit block transfer.
MetaPicture Sets the metafile picture format.
MetaPolydraw Draws a sequence of lines and curves.
MetaPolytextOut Draws multiple strings of text.
MetaRealizePalette Realizes the palette.
MetaResizePalette Resizes the color palette.
MetaRestoreDeviceContext Restores a device context from a stack of previously saved contexts.
MetaSaveDeviceContext Saves the current state of the device context.
MetaScaleViewportExtent Scales the current viewport extent.
MetaScaleWindowExtent Scales the current window extent.
MetaSelectClippingPath Instates the current path as the clipping path.
MetaSelectClippingRegion Selects the clipping region.
MetaSelectObject Selects a graphics object into the device context.
MetaSelectPalette Selects a color palette.
MetaSetArcDirection Sets the direction in which arcs are drawn.
MetaSetBackgroundColor Sets the color of the background.
MetaSetBackgroundMode Sets the background filling mode.
MetaSetBlockStretchMode Sets the mode for bit block transfers.
MetaSetWindowOrigin Sets the window origin.
MetaSetBrushOrigin Sets the brush origin.
MetaSetColorAdjustment Sets the color adjustment used when rendering halftone bitmaps.
MetaSetMappingMode Resets the mapping mode of the device context to the default value.
MetaSetMapperFlags Adjusts the algorithm that maps physical to logical fonts.
MetaSetMitreLimit Sets the limit of miter joins.
MetaSetPaletteEntries Sets entries of a logical color palette.
MetaSetPixel Sets a pixel color.
MetaSetPolyfillMode Sets the polygon filling mode.
MetaSetForegroundMix Sets the foreground mix mode.
MetaSetTextAlignment Sets the alignment of text.
MetaSetTextColor Sets the color of text.
MetaSetViewportExtent Sets the viewport extent.
MetaSetViewportOrigin Sets the viewport origin.
MetaSetWindowExtent Sets the extent of the window.
MetaSetWindowOrigin Sets the window origin.
MetaSetWorldTransform Sets the world to device coordinate space transformation.
MetaStretchBitmapBits Performs bitmap scaling.
MetaStretchBitBlockTransfer Performs a bit block transfer with stretching.
MetaText Performs text output.
MetaTextOutExtended Performs an extended text output.
MetaWidenPath Widens the current Path within the device context.