Device imaging capabilities. The following enumerators are defined within the scope of the enum CapabilityRaster.

None The device has no raster capabilities.
BitBlock The device can perform bit block copies.
Banding The device can band bitmaps.
Scaling The device can scale objects.
Bitmap64 The device can handle bitmaps larger than 64 kilobytes.
GraphicsOutput The device is capable of handling windows graphics.
BitmapBits The class BitmapBits is supported.
Palette The device supports color palettes.
DeviceBits Querying evice bits is supported.
BigFont The device supports big fonts.
BitmapStretch The class StretchBitmap is supported.
FloodFill The device can perform flood fills.
BlockStretch The stretching blocks is supported.


Name Space IPlusPlus::Graphics
Assembly IPlusPlus.Constants.dll