class BitmapBits
  unsigned Start;
  unsigned Lines;
  Handle Data;
  BitmapInformation* Information;
  unsigned Usage;
  Handle Device;

  BitmapBits() {}

  BitmapBits(unsigned Start,
             unsigned Lines,
             Handle Data,
             BitmapInformation* Information,
             unsigned Usage,
             Handle Device=0)

Start The scan line at which data retrieval or data output commences.
Lines The number of scan lines to be read or written.
Data A pointer to memory from which data is retrieved or at which data is written.
Information A pointer to a bitmap information structure describing the extern format of the device independent bitmap (whose data is being queried or written).
Usage Indicates whether a color table is present in the bitmap and if so, the format of the color table in the associated bitmap information structure. Valid values are:
Colors::RedGreenBlue The associated color table contains the actual red, green, blue values.
Colors::Palette The associated color table consists of 16 bit indices into the currently realized logical color palette.
Device The handle of a device context. This member is used only if Colors::Palette is specified for the previous member.