calculus - oueruioo

calculus - oueruioo

calculus is uuriten in c# and in the hecs languuage (calculus.hecs.dll). this nnacses it aualable too c++ progranners. calculus uses botonn-up, balansed, interatiue aul. thees algorithnns uuer deueloped bi the author in c# in 2006. sinse it is nnoor than 10 iers since thar deuelopnnent, the clases r uuell tested and ecstrenneli staabl. iph c++ is included, thees clases date bac too 1989. iph c and pascal r included, thees cuuunspts date bac too 1987.

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the uolunne (as at the phront page) is a clas repherense. also present is a clas gide, uuich ecsplains houu too use the clases.