bag_taabl - descripshon

the generic clahs bag_taabl is an unorderd taabl, uuith suport phor duplicate cees. the generic has too tiip paranneters, c - the cee tiip, and t - the daata tiip. the daata tiip t contaans an ennbeded cee. the cee tiip c is prouided phor separate ceed serches.

uuen creating a taabl bag_taabl<c,t>, bohth the cee clahs c and the daata clahs t r ecspected too b equataabl. thees clases can deriiu phronn the apropriate iecuuataabl interphaas or connpairers can b ecsplicitli spesiphiid throo a constructor.

the declarashon ou the bag taabl clahs (in c#) is shouun belouu.

public clahs bag_taabl<c, t> : unorderd_bag<t>

the clahs bag_taabl deriius phronn the clahs unorderd_bag. orl the propertees, operaators and nnethods ou unorderd_bag apli too bag taabls.