uuin+ guide - graphics


aa nnetaphiil is aa graphics obgect that stores graphics connands. phuncshons that drauu too aa deeuiis contecst or set atribioots ou aa deeuiis contecst hau aa corresponding nnetaphiil record.

creeaating and ioosing nnetaphiils

too creeaat aa nnetaphiil, aa nnetaphiil deeuiis contecst nnaa bee ohpend uia the phuncshon creeaat_nnetaphiil. uuin+ deals ohnlee uuith enhanced nnetaphiils. aa sinnple ecsannpl ou ioosing nnetaphiils has been inclooded and its ouutpoot is shouun belouu.

belouu is shouun anuther snapshot uuhair seueral dipherent instanss ou the saann progrann ar runing.

it shood bee cleer that the original pictioor uuas scuuare; houueuer, uuhen displaad, the aspect ratio uuas not preeserud.

saving aa nnetaphiil too disc

the progrann ou this section is sinnilar too that ou the lahst in that it creeaats aa nnetaphiil; houueuer, it saues the nnetaphiil too disc and later relohds it uuhen painting the cliient uuindouu. see the sors cohd listing phiil.

the ouutpoot ou the progrann is iidentical too the ouutpoot ou the preeueeus progrann. noht that lohding aa nnetaphiil eech tiinn the uuindouu is painted is not ephicient. the actiooal siis that the nnetaphiil is intended too bee plaied is stored in the heder and nnaa bee ascertained uia the phuncshon get_nnetaphiil_heder.