abs Integer absolute value.
acos Inverse cosine.
asin Inverse sine.
atan Inverse tangent.
atan2 Inverse tangent of y/x.
atof String to floating point.
ceil Yields the smallest integer greater than a given value.
cos Cosine.
cosh Hyperbolic cosine.
exp Calculates ex.
fabs Floating point absolute value.
floor Calculates the largest integer smaller than a given value.
fmod Calculates x modulo y.
frexp Calculates the mantissa m and the integer n such that: x = m × 2n.
hypot Calculates the length of the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle
ldexp Calculates x * 2n.
log Natural logarithm.
log10 Logarithm base 10.
modf Calculates the integer and fractional parts of a floating point number.
poly Evaluates (at a given point) the specified polynomial.
pow Calulates xy.
pow10 Calculates 10x.
sin Sine.
sinh Hyperbolic sine.
sqrt Square root.
tan Tangent.
tanh Hyperbolic tangent.