Dictionary - Methods

Add This method adds an item to the dictionary.
Add - KeyValue This method adds a key/value pair to the dictionary.
After This method queries the key of entry following a given key.
Before This method queries the key of the entry preceeding a given key.
Clear This method removes all the items of the dictionary.
Equals This method determines if two dictionaries are equal.
GetEnumerator This method returns an enumerator for the dictionary.
GetHashCode This method returns the hash code of the dictionary.
GetObjectData This method is used when serializing the dictionary.
Remove - Key This method removes the item with the specified key.
Remove - Predicate This method removes items that satisfy a predicate from the dictionary.
Sort - Default This method sorts the dictionary using the default IComparer.
Sort - IComparer This method sorts the dictionary using an IComparer.
ToString This method generates a string representation of the dictionary.
TryGetValue This method obtains a value associated with a key.
Update This method adds or updates an item in the dictionary.