R2 - DrawCurve

void R2::DrawCurve(Array<PointL>^ points,
                   long long offset,
                   long long numberOfSegments,
                   double tension)

This method draws a cardinal spline.


Array<PointL>^ points

An array of points specifying the cardinal spline. The array must contain a minimum of three points.

long long offset

An integer that specifies the element in the points array that determines the point at which the cardinal spline begins.

long long numberOfSegments

An integer that specifies the number of segments in the cardinal spline.

double tension

A number that specifies how tightly the curve bends through the coordinates of the cardinal spline.


A segment is defined as a curve that connects two consecutive points in the cardinal spline. The ending point of each segment is the starting point for the next segment.

The parameter numberOfSegments must not be greater than the size of the specified array minus the parameter offset plus one.